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Whilst China may well be a vast potential market for many types of goods and services, it is also an extremely complex and challenging market for a foreign company to penetrate successfully. Western companies seeking to enter the China market must understand that only those with sufficient scale and resources should consider doing it themselves and even then they still need local support. The vast bulk of overseas companies will require a local “facilitator” to guide and support them.

The range of services which MTL currently provides to clients trading into China includes:

China Audit: Review of a business to determine its suitability to enter the Chinese market.

China Strategy: An outline of what may be possible for a business to achieve in China.

Consultancy: Guidance and support to companies wishing to enter the China market.

Legal: Crucial to ensure appropriate structures, licenses, registrations, approvals etc

Partnering:  Finding a suitable local partner for a client entering  the China market.

Investment: Identifying FDI opportunities in China.

Conflict Resolution: The potential for conflict is always present in China. 

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